Designer’s Touch

Designer’s Touch

A collection taken from the fairy tale of time.

The decoration of our interiors tells the story not only of our personal life but also of that of our ancestors, of our place or other places that we admire and speak to our soul.

The “touch” of the Designer’s touch series will not leave you unmoved. The carefully selected pieces that make it up are selected for their authenticity, their tangible connection with the history and their incomparable aesthetics.

Their uniqueness makes them collectible and in combination with their design they can fit uniquely in any space of any style. They will harmonize with the environment or will stand out, but in any case they will magnetize everyone’s eyes.


Whether it is a handmade piece of furniture, an object or a decorative item, you owe it to yourself to include a Designer’s touch piece in your space. The story being told will touch you every time your gaze rests on it.

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