Paper it!

Paper it!

Thick & Fast | The wallpaper revolution, today!

The market demand in recent years for new innovative and groundbreaking technologies in the field of wallpaper has been growing. But the time has come when this demand will be satisfied with the above!

Undoubtedly, wallpapers are a special and highly personalized decoration solution, perhaps from ancient times. A good wallpaper gives another style, air of timelessness, different texture but mainly character in the space where it is placed, a character that represents exclusively you.

Naturally, as the rhythms of everyday life change more and more, needs, tastes and moods change along with the daily routine. Thus, there is a need to change our personal space to keep up with the new data.

  • How many times have you installed a wallpaper that you knew you would have to leave or you were thinking of investing in a room but ultimately did not satisfy that desire, why did you live in a rented house?
  • That old grandmother’s trunk, how many times did you think it was very useful to throw away but it does not fit at all in the minimal style of your space?
  • The bedside tables, a wedding gift of an aunt, that look completely out of place with the rest of the bedroom, why throw them away, give them away or sell them?

Bring revolution to your space!

With the new peel and stick technology of “Paper it!” glue, peel, place, reposition your wallpapers, on any smooth surface, as many times as you want!

The revolutionary peel and stick technology of the wallpapers “Paper it!” allows them to be detached from any surface without clutter, without special tools and always in whole strips, without leaving sticky residues on the surfaces and without “injuring” them.

Become the boss of your space and do not let any wallpaper take your role!

They are easily removed even from painted walls. Once removed they are ready to be reused without requiring any further procedure from you!

With the wallpapers of “Paper it!” you have no restrictions. Find the design, style, color, representation that suits you. They are simple and easy to install. While their affordable prices allow you to change them at any time, while the existing one you do not throw away…! Remove it from the wall and dress a piece of furniture, the stairs, an electrical appliance, some decoration!

Let your imagination run wild and Paper it! Thick & Fast…

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