Acoustic Panels Zintra Layers 3D

Acoustic Panels Zintra Layers 3D

Material: 100% Polyester
Acoustic Rating: NRC 0,75
Panel size: 1220mm x 2745mm x 48mm
Available colors: 20
Surface finish:Matt
Fire Rating: Class B-s2-d0 / EN 13501-1
Use: Wall surfaces, Ceiling surfaces (not exterior use)

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What are Zintra Layers 3D;

Zintra Layers acoustic systems are an ideal choice for spaces that require sound insulation and at the same time an aesthetically pleasing result. With a wide range of colors.

Combined Zintra panel strips of the same color and the same thickness but with different heights, in an impressive three-dimensional result. All Zintra Layers are supplied in a black support panel.

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