Flexible Wood Sonar

Flexible Wood Sonar

Material: MDF Natural | MDF colored
Panel Dimensions: MDF Natural – 250cm x 125cm | MDF Colored – 244cm x 125cm
Usable area: 232cm x 120cm
Standard Incision: 4mm cut / 4mm bar
Bending Radius: 150mm (min)
Thickness: 8mm
Weight: MDF Natural – 4kg/m² | MDF Color – 5kg/m²
Open area: 26%
Use: Wall surfaces, Ceiling surfaces, Dividers


What are Flexible Wood Dukta;

Dukta® products are based on a patented process for elasticizing wood and other wood-based materials. They have sound insulation properties and are particularly suitable for wall or ceiling applications as well as for independent partitions, lighting and furniture.

The studied sections that characterize the panels radically change the static structure of the wood. The panels become flexible but maintain the static property along the sections. Alternative types of panels produced through the dukta® process differentiate them in appearance, proportion of open surfaces and their flexibility, thus providing a wide range of design options.

Sonar is one of the four different types of dukta® panels.

With the cut type SONAR, the regularly arranged incisions are visibly set off in the longitudinal direction on the plate surface. This creates not only vertical but also horizontal lines. The front and back are clearly different. The applications are mainly in the area of ​​ceiling and wall applications for optical and acoustic room design.

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Materials / Finishes

MDF Natural / Lacquered Surface

Sonar panels in addition to the natural color of mdf can be produced with a matte lacquer finish.

The basic colors are Black (RAL9005), White (RAL9010) and Gray (RAL7000).

There are more RAL color options on request.

kalotaranis.gr-dukta,flexible wood,διακόσμησηMDF Naturalcolor natural
kalotaranis.gr-dukta,flexible wood,διακόσμησηMDF Naturalmatte lacquer paint white RAL9010

MDF Color

Sonar panels in addition to plain mdf can also be produced in colored MDF.

The difference of colored mdf is that it is dyed during the production process and presents a uniform color. Available colors are Black, Light Gray and Dark Gray.

* Minimum order quantity 5 panel per pattern

kalotaranis.gr-dukta,flexible wood,διακόσμησηMDF ColorColor black

Special Finishes

Acoustic Fleece

Sonar panels can be lined on the back with sound-absorbing fabric (Acoustic Fleece) to improve acoustics.

Acoustic Fleece is available in black or white.

dukta® Print

All four dukta ® types of incision are suitable for printing.

Choose from one of our standard designs or send us your idea for an individual print.