Casablanca Bar, Black

Casablanca Bar, Black

You love to hang out at Harry’s Bar in Singapore, with its long expanse of polished mahogany and stools, brass rails to lean on, and above all its Singapore Sling and Bloody Marys. Admit it, this bar can’t and shouldn’t be replicated at home. Here you want a simple, fun, unobtrusive piece of furniture, easy to put away, but also easy to roll into the center of the action. A bar should invite discourse (familial, philosophical) and reminiscences. It should support loudness, but also stillness. This bar exceeds imagination. It has wheels, game boards (three), and a glass top that displays your baby-pictures or the snapshots from your latest tiger hunt. It also stores oodles of bottles and gear, and wheels into tight corners.

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Time to enjoy some drinks

Pattern: MF047X

Materials: Mahogany, Veneered MDF

Χρώμα: Black & Honey Finish

Dimesnions: 104cm x 52cm x (height) 110,50cm

Weight: 60kg