Stateroom Bar, Black

Stateroom Bar, Black

Fun and functionality coalescing into an impressive piece of historic proportions. Wheel in the bar! Park and lock it somewhere close at hand!
Made in the style of turn-of-the-century travel trunks. Solid brass hardware and bridle leather accoutrements complete a hand-built, two-part bar inside a large trunk set on sturdy wheels. A multitude of drawers, two serving trays, racks for both horizontal and vertical bottles. Mirror and foldout work shelf. Taking out the shelf unit on the right frees up a removable game board.
Future party animal cum classic trunk replica. Iconic. Confidently evocative of the Belle Époque when a hunt required only a Martini or a whiskey sour at hand!

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Pattern: MF078Y

Materials: Mahogany, Veneer, Leather, Brass

Colors: Black & Honey Distressed French Finish

Dimensions: 59cm x 62cm x (height) 147cm

Weight: 69kg

Τροχήλατο Μπαρ Stateroom MF078B-detail

Available colors

  • Stateroom Bar, Petrol

  • Stateroom Bar, Burgundy

  • Stateroom Bar, Black

  • Stateroom Bar, Field Green