Stateroom End Table, Petrol

Stateroom End Table, Petrol

Pattern: MF079P

Color: Petrol & Honey

Materials: Mahogany, Leather, Brass

Dimensions: 45cm x 53cm x (height) 56cm

Weight: 13kg

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Descriptionέπιπλα,τραπέζι,μπαούλο,Authentic Modelsέπιπλα,τραπέζι,μπαούλο,Authentic Models

Home sweet home

Victorian luggage was made to ship by train, steamer, and horse drawn coach. Trunks were sent ahead and handled exclusively by porters. The classic maple hoops, strengthened by brass hardware and reinforced corners, protected the trunk and its contents from damage. The tall, square shape of our ‘end table’ trunk was designed to fit easily into tight cabins during extensive travel. Yet it was large enough to accommodate a tall, black stovepipe hat! Enjoy the flavor of a bygone age of luxury. Combine its fin-de-siècle appeal with the practicality of efficient storage.έπιπλα,τραπέζι,μπαούλο,Authentic Modelsέπιπλα,τραπέζι,μπαούλο,Authentic Models