Miniature Car Silberpfeil, Red Seat

Miniature Car Silberpfeil, Red Seat

Handmade miniature of the legendary ‘Silver Arrow’ of the 1930s.

  • Color: Silver Polished/Red
  • Width: 14,6cm
  • Length: 31cm
  • Height: 9cm

Unique and original gifts for the men!

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*The colors may have slight deviations depending on the settings of the screen on which they are displayed.

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In 1934, the international motor sport governing body specified a maximum weight for Grand Prix racing cars of 750 kg, excluding tyres and fuel. The Germans decided to reduce weight by removing the lead-based paint which denoted its cars’ traditional white livery, exposing distinctive shining aluminium. Victory by one of these lead to the nickname Silver Arrow. Their successors, which were built on the same chassis, continued to race successfully at the Indy 500 after the war. Models,μινιατούρες,αγωνιστικά,αυτοκίνητα

Available colors

  • Models,miniatures,cars, Models,miniatures,cars,racing

    Miniature Car Silberpfeil, Silver

  • Models,miniatures,racing, Models,miniatures,cars,racing

    Miniature Car Silberpfeil Black, Red Seat

  • Models,miniatures,racing, Models,miniatures,cars,racing

    Miniature Car Silberpfeil, Red Seat