Scandi – Indoor/Outdoor Rug made from Repurposed Plastic Bottles

Scandi – Indoor/Outdoor Rug made from Repurposed Plastic Bottles

Scandi is a recycled rug, handloom woven from 100% recycled plastic bottles.


  • Hand loom woven
  • Feels as soft as wool
  • 100% Recycled (PET) plastic
  • Sizes: 170 x 230 cm | 200 x 300 cm | 200cm round | custom*
  • Sustainable Rug
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Washable Rug

*there is the possibility of custom dimension and shape

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Recycled plastic bottles become indoor/outdoor carpets.

For their manufacture, plastic bottles are processed and transformed into an incredibly soft thread like wool. Sustainable carpets help us combat plastic litter by using hundreds of recycled plastic bottles for each carpet.

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Soft in texture and easy to clean, these carpets are the ideal home accessories to bring a new dimension to the textures of your spaces. It is hard to imagine that anything made of recycled plastic can be so comfortable, while at the same time impressing with their softness.

Despite their soft texture, their fiber is ideal for heavy use and resistant to cleaning materials.χαλί,εξωτερική χρήση,ανακυκλωμένα πλαστικάχαλί,εξωτερική χρήση,ανακυκλωμένα πλαστικά

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