Delan Drum

Delan Drum

Coco Wolf revolutionized outdoor furniture.

Combining absolute weather resistance with style and comfort. Coco Wolf furniture is chosen / preferred/ selected by the world’s leading architects and designers to adorn unique private and professional projects.

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Available in two types: Fully Buttoned or Pulltop Button

 Height: 97cm | Diameter: 51cm | Fully Buttoned – fabric quantity 2,5m | Pulltop Button – fabric quantity 2,0m,outdoor,drum,σκαμποPull Top Button,outdoor,drum,σκαμποFully Buttoned,outdoor,drum,σκαμπο,outdoor,drum,σκαμπο


Customize the product to your needs by choosing the fabric and finish of the wood.

Select Fabric

You can choose your own fabric for Coco Wolf furniture. Each pattern indicates the required amount of fabric sent to the factory to implement your choice.

In our store you will find a wide variety of fabrics for outdoor use to create the composition you desire.

Select Wood Finish

Coco Wolf furniture is manufactured using the best modern materials to ensure maximum durability in time and weather conditions. Their preferred choice in wood is Iroko. It is a hardwood that contracts and expands depending on the environment, which reduces the likelihood of cracking or breaking the material. It is naturally resistant to wear and is therefore widely used in the shipping industry.

    Delano Drum

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