Ring Mesh Curtain NRMC-SSBC

Ring Mesh Curtain NRMC-SSBC

The metal rings mesh is an innovative and multi-purpose material for building facades and interior decoration.

They constantly find new applications and are inspiration for decorators and artists. They are mainly used as curtains, separators, buildings facades, but also for the creation of furniture, lighting, etc.

NRMC-SSBC serie consists of combination of stainless steel and Bronze Cusn6 rings. The combination of materials and colors creates a particular aesthetic effect.

Available in the dimension of Φ12mm with a glossy finish.



bicolor 12.0

Material: Stainless Steel & Bronze

Ring Diameter: 12.,00mm

Wire Gauge: 1,10mm

Weight: 3,26kg/m²

Tensile Strenght: 33kn/m

Open Area: 63%