Mural Van Gogh – Vase with Chinese Asters & Gladioli

Mural Van Gogh – Vase with Chinese Asters & Gladioli

Bring a genuine Van Gogh to your place! Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who lived in the second half of the 1800s and recognized the importance of his work after death so that he is considered today as one of the most important painters in human history.

With the purchase of the mural, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity from the Van Gogh Museum.

*All murals can be customized to the dimensions desired by the customer.

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*The colors may have slight deviations depending on the settings of the screen on which they are displayed.


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Before you get start

Make sure the wall is smooth, clean, dry and uniform white colour. Smoothen the surface where necessary and remove any paint and remaining wallpaper.

Check if you have received the correct wallprint. Check that there are no irregularities ath the edges. If you encounter a problem please stop hanging the wallprint immediately. Labor costs are not reimbursed.

The right adhesive

Use an adhesive for a heavy, high quality vinyl wallpaper.

What you need

· Roller and tray · Bucket · Paint brush · Plumb line · Steel ruler · Wallpaper sponge · Pencil · Penknife · Wallpapering tools (preferably a wallpaper roller)

Important. Always start to hang our wallprint from the left in numerical order. Start with panel number 1, and end with the last panel. Cut the lengths along the cutting symbols and put the lengths in the correct direction. The surface must be smooth, dry, dust and grease-free. And must have a uniform color. Apply adhesive to the wall with a roller and apply the first panel to the wall. Start from the top left and make sure that the first panel is straight, using a spirit level or a pencil attached to a piece of string (a plumb line). Is it nice nad straight? Make sure to align the next panel carefully! Using a wallpapering tool, gently smooth out any bubbles. Apply adhesive to the wall to prepare it for the next panel. Carefully align it with the first panel, making sure there are no visible seams. Gently smooth out every panel. Work from top to bottom and from the middle to the sides. Remove any adhesive stains immediately, using clean water and a sponge. Once you’re happy with all your panels, cut off the top and bottom excess. Use a sharp knife and a steel ruler to do so. And… that’s it! You’re finished! Prouyd of your work? Then share the pictures on our socials. Wonderful! #kalotaranis