Contract Wallpaper Balsa

Contract Wallpaper Balsa

Contract wallcovering in rolls 130cm x 35m.

*Cutting service possible with extra fee – the customer can request a piece less than 25 meters (over 25 meters the whole roll is send and charged)


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IMPORTANT: If you notice a defect or color difference during the application, STOP and contact your supplier.

Before you start cutting, inspect the products and see if the design and color fits your order and is acceptable.

The rolls you have received have on them in addition to the product code and their production batch and an additional number from 1 up to the total number of rolls you have received. We recommend that you start cutting strips and applying from the strip with the largest number going down to the number 1 which should be applied last.

Apply the strips with proper lighting and temperature, as much as will prevail in the room under normal conditions.


Remove previous wallpapers and adhesive residues with a special corrosive to remove even the smallest pieces. Then rinse and allow the surface to dry. Pass the surface with a professional and intensive acrylic primer. The surface must not have more than 5.5% moisture before application. Do not place the wallpapers at a temperature of less than 12 degrees Celsius. The rolls should be at a temperature of at least 12 degrees for 3 days before application and for another 3 days after completion. If there are questions or doubts about the application, we recommend that you try placing 3 strips as a test format before proceeding.


  1. This wallpaper requires the use of special heavy adhesive and for professional use. It is not recommended to dilute the adhesive. The company proposes the following types of adhesives: BK 10 and BK 23 for applications on porous surfaces and BK30 for application on non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal and vinyl.
  2. In the patterns that require it you will have to flip each second strip at a time, this will be marked on the description of each code as (reverse hanging). One sheet with the other should be covered at about 4 cm on each side and moved to the correct position to suit the design. With a sharp razor cut both sheets into their joint and remove the strips.
  3. Put the recommended adhesive on the back of the first strip using the special machine or roll. Press the adhesive to fully cover the back surface of the wallpaper, especially near the edges. Fold the sheet in half so that each end sticks to the other, do not wrinkle the sheet and be careful not to create double and creases. Set aside for 10 minutes and start preparing the next strip.
  4. Place the first strip by checking the right corner, parallel to the right line by marking either laser or alfa.
  5. After placing 3 strips stop and check that everything has been done correctly.


Wallpapers are covered by the factory limited warranty of 5 years. The company does not recognize any liability if the above instructions have not been followed, nor do we recognize labor costs and ancillary costs for more than 3 sheets of wallpaper.


Immediately after the installation of the wallpaper its surface should be cleaned of adhesive residues, stains from the hands (we recommend the use of special gloves) etc. Simple powder and various stains are cleaned simply with a soft soap and hot water. We recommend cleaning starting from the base of the wallpaper and up. Rinse with water using a sponge. Dry the surface with a towel. For stains that persist you can use locally stronger cleaners. Do not forget to always rinse the surface after using a cleaner. Do not use hard sponges or brushes that can “hurt” the surface. Do not use strong cleaners such as acetone and paint solvents and general cleaners containing more than 50% alcohol.


You can heat the wallpaper locally so that it has a better fit in the corners.


This product is intended for buildings that do not have mold and moisture. The advantage it has in durability and easy cleaning, makes it on the other hand stable, but with little room for air conditioning of the wall. Do not place professional vinyl wallpapers on walls with mold, wets, etc. The problem should first be dealt with with appropriate materials, ventilated properly and then applied.