Wallpaper Grunge Concrete Trellis

Wallpaper Grunge Concrete Trellis

Wallpaper by Galerie, dimensions 53cm x 10m.

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*The colors may have slight deviations depending on the settings of the screen on which they are displayed.

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Faux Cement, Trellis



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Before you startMake sure the wall is smooth, clean, dry and evenly painted. Smooth the surface where necessary and remove any paint, traces of wallpaper, nails, etc. Examine your new wallpaper for defects and use rolls from the same production batch.The right adhesiveUse adhesive for heavy, high quality vinyl wallpaper.What you’ll need· Roll and tray · Bucket · Paint brush · Thread of the level · Steel ruler · Wallpaper sponge · Pencil · Knife · Wallpaper tools (preferably wallpaper roller).Cut the strips to the appropriate length, leaving an additional margin of 5 cm. about, more than the height of the wall. When using patterned wallpaper, watch out for the pattern!Put adhesive on the wall using a roll and place the first strip of wallpaper on the wall. Start from the upper left corner and make sure the first strip is straight, using an alfa or a pencil passed on a piece of string (level thread). Make sure you place the next lane in the same line!Using a wallpaper tool, gently remove any blisters and blisters. Put adhesive on the wall for the next strip. Carefully align it with the first strip, verify that there are no visible joints.Gently smooth out each strip of wallpaper. Working from top to bottom and from the waist to the edges. Remove any stains from glue immediately, using sponge and clean water.Once you are happy with the result in all your strips, cut the extra edges from above and below. Use a sharp knife and a steel ruler to effectively cut the extra product. And… That’s it, that’s it! Finished! If you’re proud of the work you’ve done, share your photos on our social media!