Change the color, style, texture and mood of your walls and more! Your character and taste can easily and quickly “dress” your spaces. All wallpapers meet the specifications for installation indoors, outdoors, business or not.


For first time you do not have to part with your old wallpaper forever. If you get bored of it in the living room, you can take it to the bedroom, to an old trunk or even to your fridge! With the self-adhesive wallpapers of the new generation, you can stick and peel of without fear, without clutter, without damage to the surfaces, without effort!

Keep the fun, not the fuzz!


Choosing a mural to decorate your walls is a decision that reflects your character and personality. These characteristics are exactly what one seeks from a mural. Whatever your inspiration may be: from serene geometric patterns to blooming, colorful gardens, you will definitely find it in our collection and make your dream come true.

Stock House

In Stock branded fabrics and wallpapers that reach your hands directly at the στα χέρια σας στην best possible price.


Dozens of exclusive representations of companies that have to offer solutions for every need of furniture, decoration and so on. A versatile range with high quality fabrics, with different textures, threads and mood opens in front of you! Flame retardant, waterproof, stainless fibers that meet all the necessary specifications for demanding business spaces such as hotels, hospitals and more! Discover the possibilities of our collection!


Different and easy-to-use proposals that offer comfort, convenience and hygiene in any space, professional or private.


Surface cladding, 3D textures, acoustic solutions. Anything and everything an architect’s or a decorator’s inspiration may be for their project, they will definitely find it here. Unlimited options that bring your inspiration to life.

aluminium coil drapery
Expanded Metals


Metallic coverings, curtains, metal fabrics, flexible constructions. Metal, as the elegant element it is, brings out an outstanding minimal feeling in every delicate and special design, making it perfect to use in professional or private spaces.


Wall decals are undoubtedly a decorative product that depicts your own taste and personality. With their exceptionally high standards in matter of durability and sun resistance, they can be peeled and applied many times over, and decorate delicately any “boring” surface! While they have many differences with the wallpapers, an important one is that decals allow you to stick them in any way you like and everywhere you like adding a tasteful detail of your personality even on furniture or appliances!


Classic, modern, exceptional pieces that match perfectly the style and personality of your decorative style. The choice becomes even easier if you want to transform a piece of furniture from scratch, choose the fabric that suits you from the collections of the brands we represent and create a new, unique style.


Handmade lamps of high aesthetics shine bright with style and luxury. They will illuminate and will be illuminated by the character of your decorative style.


If dreams had decorators, they would definitely choose the Designer’s Touch line to touch even your most aesthetically sensitive strings.


Every professional or private space needs to be protected from the inconspicuous rays of the sun. Together we can find the solution that suits your every need.